This Old Barn

As big as this world is, I love how our memories keep it so small. Remember my grandpa’s wild roses that we shared awhile back? Well, those beautiful roses have a lot in common with this barn. This barn is special folks, just like the roses. They both trigger piles of memories. When I saw this barn again just the other day the memories flooded in. The history in this barn runs deep in my blood. This barns home, my grannies farm, was a magical place. The memories of playing with new kittens buried in the straw of the loft and helping my grandpa milk the cows at sunrise seem like yesterday. The view of the crisp lake, the puffy clouds, the cows grazing or the sound of the wind whipping off the water will never fade in my mind. What a story this old barn could tell, what precious memories it holds.

Today though y’all, I have a full heart because I now know how this wonderful barn is being loved again and I know that my grandpa’s roses are being pruned again by new hands and a new family that didn’t just happen to cross our path by chance. You see, here is the best part of my story. Over a year ago Lucinda and DJ Waller came in Shilo Cabinets seeking out a shop that manufactures custom cabinets. They’re words were, we’ve got a big job in front of us, we are planning to restore the old Clardy farm down at Hickory Creek and build a new house as well. Wait, What? That’s my farm, that’s my family! You can imagine where the story goes from there. To say the least, new strangers became quick friends! So, see, this barn is special, it’s story never ended, it just started a new chapter. DJ and Lucinda have included us to share in some of the coolest memories, going back to my granny’s farm, telling stories and helping them know history about the Clardy’s and who cared for the property before them, helping them build a wonderful new custom kitchen in their new home that is now on the property and the best of all, being invited to come home back to my roots whenever I want! Who would’ve ever thought that I’d be going back to my granny’s farm for a cabinet job. Who would’ve ever thought that this old barn and those beautiful roses would be given another chance. Who would’ve ever thought I’d be headed back to Hickory Creek to see my new friends and their new home. I’ll tell you this though, next visit if I disappear, just maybe, check that old barn. Sneaking up in the old loft to admire the view of the crisp lake, the puffy clouds, and my brand-new friends beautiful home sounds pretty good to me! My heart is full!

Enjoy the pictures of DJ and Lucida Wallers new kitchen that we had the privileged of building and installing this year. Thank you, DJ and Lucinda Waller, for giving all of us at Shilo Cabinets, especially Lea Ann, a full heart!